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About our advertisements

Why do I see more banner ads?

SelectionLinks is provided 100% free to you. Like many websites on the internet we use advertisements to offset the costs of running this service. We have to pay for our servers, designers, and developers to support our project. Advertising helps us pay those bills.

About our software

The additional ads you see are present because you have the SelectionLinks software installed. You (or someone on your computer) has opted-in to install this software, and as explained above, we use advertisements to help pay for the resources required to run the software. If you want to remove or disable the software, please read below.

How do I stop the ads

To stop all SelectionLinks banner ads, you need to uninstall the software.

How do I uninstall the SelectionLinks software?

You can do so by going to Add/Remove programs in your Windows control panel and running the SelectionLinks Uninstaller, or by following the instructions for your browser below:

Internet Explorer - Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Addon-s. Click disable to stop SelectionLinks from running.

FireFox - Go to Tools > Add Ons. Find "SelectionLinks" addon and disable or uninstall it. Restart FireFox.

Chrome - For most chrome installs, you must run the uninstaller in Add/Remove programs, find and click "remove" on "SelectionLinks". Some chrome installs may be remove by typing chrome://extensions in your URL bar. Find the "SelectionLinks" extension, and uncheck it, or click the trash can to completely remove the extension.