The Best Way To Quickly Find Information

What We Do

SelectionLinks is a browser add-on that adds advanced functionality which enables the user quick access to a number of search engines.

How To Use Our Software

To use SelectionLinks, first download and install our browser add-on. Once installed, while browsing the internet, highlight any words with your cursor, and press "ctrl + shift + s", to be presented with a number of search engines. SelectionLinks runs on every website!

Supported Browsers

SelectionLinks runs on:
Internet Explorer

Ad-Supported Software

SelectionLinks is available to download 100% free. However, in order to pay for our costs - our software is ad-supported. What this means is that while our software is installed on your computer and active, we may place additional advertisements in your browser on the page you're currently viewing.

Who Owns SelectionLinks?

SelectionLinks is owned by Objectify Media, Inc. We are a software company that makes cool apps for everyone to enjoy!

Easy Uninstall

If you find that you no longer want SelectionLinks on your computer, follow the below instructions to uninstall.

  1. - Click Start > Add/Remove Programs
  2. - Find "SelectionLinks"
  3. - Click "Uninstall"

After completing these steps, SelectionLinks will be removed from your computer. If you have any issues with removing our software please don't hesitate to contact us.