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If you find you're not satisfied with SelectionLinks, it's very easy to uninstall. To completely remove the software from all browsers follow these instructions:

Begin by clicking "Start", then "Control Panel." Click "Add & Remove Programs," find "SelectionLinks," and click "Uninstall/Remove." SelectionLinks will now be removed from all your browsers.

For individual browser removal, please continue reading.

Browser Removal - Chrome

To remove SelectionLinks from your Google Chrome web browser, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove programs and find "SelectionLinks." After you have selected SelectionLinks, click uninstall/remove.

For some versions of our chrome extension, you can click the wrench icon and select "extensions", (or type chrome://extensions, into the address bar). Find SelectionLinks, and either uncheck the checkbox to disable the extension, or click the trash can icon to remove completely.

Browser Removal - Firefox

Click "Tools" and then find "Add-Ons" - in the resulting add-on window, find SelectionLinks and either disable or remove the add on.

Browser Removal - Internet Explorer

To remove SelectionLinks from Internet Explorer, follow the instructions at the beginning of this page to run the SelectionLinks uninstaller.